How to make a latte without an espresso machine at home!

Make a latte at home without an espresso machine!


As we approach winter nothing is more soothing than a warm cup of coffee... well there is...and its called a Latte.


Latte's are typically made with an espresso machine. Rather than using drip coffee or a french press, an espresso machine makes brew through forcing lots of steam and hot air, pressuring the finely ground beans and creating a delicious and aromatic cup of joe.


Unfortunately, the cheapest espresso machine is over $200 and they can be a pain to maintain. So I introduce to you.. the poor mans latte!



What you need

1 - A French Press

2 - Your Favorite Coffee

3 - Your Favorite Cream

4 - 1 Small Jar with a Lid

5 - Microwave

6 - Muscles!



Step 1 - Brew Your Coffee

Brew your coffee in the french press following the instructions on the bag. French Press works best with coarsely ground coffee. If you don't have a coffee grinder they usually have them at the store!

Step 2 - Prep the Cream

While your coffee is brewing, pour however much cream you usually would like into the jar.

Step 3 - Shake Cream Vigorously for 30-45 Seconds

Shake the cream to make a foam. It would be too foamy but if you shake for up to a minute you can ensure maximum foam!

Step 4 - Remove Lid and Microwave

The heat will act like the steam - keeping the foam up. Microwave for around 30 seconds and more if its closer to a full cup.

Step 5 - Shake for another 30 seconds!

Shake the cream in the covered jar for another 30 seconds. By then your cup should you be finished!

Step 5 - Pour Milk and then the foam!

Use a spoon or the lid of the jar to pour the milk in first, then pour the foam on top.

Step 6 - Serve and enjoy!

Enjoy your tasty latte using what you have in your own home!


Whole milks and fattier milks tend to foam the best. If you like coconut milk or almond milk it will still work but do not expect as good of results as whole milk!


Enjoy your latte!




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