1936 Hammond B3 Organ Rental Available in Boulder / Denver .. Owned and maintained by Flash Mountain Flood organist Paul Copoulos

Hammond Organ Rental in Boulder, CO & Denver, CO


What Type of Hammond is it?

I call it an "ABC123".

A100 Tone Generators, ,B3 Percussion and Reverb (Trek), C2 Slim Body (open legs)


What Body Type?

Body Type - C .. open legs


Percussions / reverb?

Trek Percussion (2nd 3rd 5th) reverb..


Rich amazing bass output!

Bass pedals are routed into the lower register on both manuals so you basically get all the bass of the pedals at your finger tips.


Tone Cabinet

- Leslie 147


Cost is negotiable depending on time, availability. Text or call Paul at (two-six-two)five-one-zero-four-77-three  or email paulcopoulos at gmail dot com for more information.


Also available for backline is a 1977 Fender Rhodes 73 Suitcase sounds great..



ABC123 at NedFest in Nederland, CO 2018

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