Five ways to curb hand pain this winter

As summer winds down and we welcome fall, many of us experience the return of debilitating hand pain.

The reason your hands may hurt more in the colder months is due to the 'vasoconstriction' - more commonly known as 'decreased blood flow.'

Your body has many ways in which it can battle against the cold but unfortunately this causes many people severe hand pain in the winter months.

Below are some of the best strategies I have found to decrease hand pain to return to comfort and get back to living life!


Warm Compress

Warm Compress is a great strategy to reduce hand pain. Simply take a clean dishrag and dampen. Place into a bowl and put into the microwave for hot compress that can last up to an hour.


Stretching Exercises

Have you tried some simple stretching exercises? Stretching is an extremely effective method of increasing blood flow to the area to decrease pain


Simple hand stretches after I get out of the shower are one way I get relief. 


My least favorite of the suggestions - Splinting - can offer relief especially to those with arthritis. By simply keeping hands or problem fingers in a splint - many experience relief in pain after removing mobility for a few days.


Paraffin Wax Treatments

This one sometimes feels more like a science project than a treatment but has shown to help those with hand pain! Parraffn Wax is a colorless mixture of hydrocarbon particles that can be melted into a gelatinous mixture. By putting your hand in the warm wax it can help reduce much of the day to day pain experienced.


Colorado Hemp Extracts 

Did you know that Hemp-Derived extracts are finally legal in all 50 states? Many individuals with arthritis and seasonal hand pain have found great relief incorporating Hemp-Derived extracts into their pain control regimen. High doses of the extract have been shown to decrease inflammation and reduce pain greatly. Have you ever tried natural hemp extract products?

As a piano player who experiences joint pain I walked down to my local Boulder natural store and found this Natural Hemp Cream.

After a few days of applying to my right hand I noticed a significant decrease in hand pain and more mobility. I went back to the local store and they advised it was the blend of Hemp and natural pain relieving herbs.

Our local shop ships to all 50 states now, too. If you've ever considered CO extracts I would highly suggest giving them a try. The cream is working great for my hand pain and I hope it does for you too.

Click here to learn more. Use 'wellness15' at checkout to save a few bucks too!



Let's hope its a mild winter. I wish you and your family a great fall free of pain and full of love!



Boulder, CO






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