Rent Hammond B3 Organ in Denver, Boulder and Colorado areas

Hammond B3 Organ Rental Available in Boulder / Denver .. Owned and used by Flash Mountain Flood organist Paul Copoulos

Hammond Organ Rental in Boulder, CO & Denver, CO



Cost: Negotiable depending on time, availability. Text or call Paul at (two-six-two)five-one-zero-four-77-three  or email paulcopoulos at gmail dot com for more information.


What Type of Hammond B3 Organ is it?

It's not a chop.. its not white.. it doesn't have stickers on it. It's a full Hammond B3 and its beautiful. Sounds even more beautiful.


What Body Type?

Body Type - C .. open legs


Percussions / reverb?

Trek Percussion (2nd 3rd 5th) reverb..


Rich amazing bass output?

Bass pedals are routed into the lower register on both manuals so you basically get all the bass of the pedals at your finger tips.


Tone Cabinet

- Leslie 147


Cost - negotiable depending on time, availability. Text or call Paul at (two-six-two)five-one-zero-four-77-three  or email paulcopoulos at gmail dot com for more information.


Also available is a Fender Rhodes 73 Suitcase sounds great..




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Flash Mountain Flood



Like our Facebook Page to keep in touch! 


"Flash Mountain Flood is a 5 piece, Boulder-based psychedelic rock n’ roll jam band with a classic feel that is committed to preserving American roots music culture with their unique approach to live performances and extensive catalogue of original songs."

Proshot HD Video/Audio from our Fox Theatre Debut! Flash original "Any Place"

22539797_1487643367951941_9066486547447550144_n 22538727_1488758897840388_4239560690724876454_o 22519950_10155856970132053_9008822765996666594_o 22549061_1695251480494728_2731697736283790323_o


NedFest 2017


Flash Mountain Flood at The Fox Theatre.. now available on Spotify!




Flash Mountain Flood Summer 2017



Flash Mountain Flood Original Song - "Need to Breathe" 


Founding members are Logan Green on lead guitar and vocals, Derek Dames Ohl on bass and vocals, Wes Rather on rhythm guitar and vocals, and Taner Clark on drums. Paul Copoulos, the keyboardist joined the band in November of 2015 finalizing their lineup.


Flash Mountain Flood delivers their loyal Front Range fanbase a true concert experience with their fresh take on American roots music. Fans show up with an expectation for improvisation, diverse genres of original music, surprise covers and a true sense of musical community. Whether jazz, country, funk, folk, bluegrass, reggae, blues or rock n’ roll - Flash Mountain Flood’s music brings together music lovers of all ages and backgrounds playing over 130 shows in 2016.


Flash's Sold out Fiske Planetarium Show in Boulder, CO 

Flash performed a show at CU Boulder's Fiske Planetarium selling over 125 tickets to fans of all ages from the Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and Nederland Communities. The show was live streamed in High Def Video and Audio, was promoted by CouchTour reaching over 2,500 fans in one evening!


Over 120 shows played in 2016 at the following venues: 

  • Fox Theater - Boulder, CO
  • Belly Up - Aspen, CO
  • Caribou Room - Nederland, CO
  • Fiske Planetarium - Boulder, CO
  • Cervante’s Other Side - Denver, CO
  • Walnut Room - Denver, CO
  • Stage Stop - Rollinsville, CO
  • Oriental Theater - Denver, CO
  • Quixote’s True Blue - Denver, CO
  • Be On Key’s Psychedelic Ripple - Denver, CO
  • Owsley’s Golden Road - Boulder, CO
  • The Scarlet - Central City, CO
  • The Historic Brown - Breckenridge, CO
  • Conor O’Neil’s - Boulder, CO
  • Tony P’s - Denver, CO
  • Pioneer Inn - Nederland, CO
  • Very Nice Brewing - Nederland, CO
  • Equinox Brewing - Fort Collins, CO
  • The Armoury - Denver, CO
  • Lariat Lounge - Evergreen, CO
  • Rocky Mountain Oyster Bar - Nederland, CO


Flash Promotional Video


Festivals and Events:

  • NedFest 2017
  • Boulder Fest 2017
  • Spread the Word Festival 2015, 2016
  • Pranksgiving 2015
  • Mountain Madness Gilpin Festival 2016, 2017
  • Official Frozen Dead Guy Days Late Night Party 2015
  • Quixote’s Closing Party 2016
  • Be On Key Opening Party 2016
  • New Years with Melvin Seals 2016
  • 420 Merry Prankster Celebration with Melvin Seals JGB 2016
  • Nederland 4th of July Festival 2016
  • Featured on Colorado Public Radio 2016
  • House Band for Quixote’s True Blue (weekly residency) 2014-2015
  • House Band for Owsley’s Golden Road (weekly residency) 2015-2016
  • Brews for Bernie 2016
  • Very Nice Brewings 4th Anniversary Party 2016
  • Sancho’s Broken Arrow 15th Anniversary 2015
  • Fiske Planetarium Sold Out Headlining Show 2016
  • Bolder Boulder 2015
  • New Year's 2016 with Melvin Seals & JGB
  • Fate Brewing 4th Anniversary Party
  • Going Furthur Documentary Release 2016
  • Cliff House Lodge’s Widespread Panic After Party w/ Dyrty Birds 2016
  • Morrison Alleyfest 2015, 2016


Flash Promotional Video



  • Melvin Seals JGB
  • Dave A’Bear’s Choice
  • Dark Star Orchestra
  • Golden Gate Wingmen
  • Joey Porter’s Vital Organ
  • Great American Taxi
  • Dyrty Byrds
  • DeadPhish Orchestra
  • Smooth Money Gesture
  • Ted Tilton
  • Bill McKay
  • Dr. Herman Green
  • Willie Waldmann
  • That One Guy

To book, please email



FMF Facebook Page 

Flash Mountain Flood Original - "1936"