Battling Anxiety – techniques I use to combat anxiety every day

Experiencing occasional anxiety is a normal part of life. I don't know many people who are cool as a cucumber before making a public speech or taking an important exam.

With all the pressure, expectation and performance requirements in most adult lives, it makes sense that anxiety is the most common mental disorder in the United States, currently affecting over 40 million adults every year, including myself.

What is Anxiety? Anxiety is your body's natural response to stress. It feels different for every person who experiences it but usually stems from feelings of worry or fear.

Whether you have occasional anxiety or live with it daily, below are some great natural ways to combat anxiety to get you feeling your best!

1. Meditation

Meditating each day can significantly decrease excessive feelings of worry and fear. By practicing mindfulness and focusing on your breath, you're giving your brain a much needed break. Youtube is an incredible resource and offers thousands of free meditations for anxiety. If you're an over thinker and concentrating is difficult, I suggest starting with positive affirmation or mantra meditations to give your busy mind a simple task. There are also a few great apps like Headspace and Insight Timer that give you access to many free meditations and even remind you to meditate daily.

2. Yoga

Anxiety can cause many physical discomforts in the body such as tight achy muscles and even headaches. Practicing yoga helps to stretch, lengthen and increase blood flow to muscles experiencing pain but also allows the body to fully relax which allows your mind to feel more calm and at ease. My favorite yoga instructor, Adriene Mishler (Yoga with Adriene) posts free yoga videos on Youtube every week and has hundreds of different yoga videos to help improve mental health and targeting specific areas of pain. Click here for Yoga with Adriene's 20 minute "Yoga for Anxiety" video.

3. Eating healthy organic meals and drinking plenty of water

Eating healthy is key to combating anxiety. Providing your body and brain the nutrients it needs to successfully function is arguably the most important key to ridding anxiety for good! Starting your day with a nutrient dense superfood smoothie can help balance your mood and is proven to improve hydration, digestion and rejuvenate your body. My favorite superfood smoothie consists of "Garden of Life's Raw Organic Vegan Superfood Protein Powder" (yes, it has ZERO sugar!) blueberries (contain amazing antioxidants to boost your mood), fresh organic peanut butter, a banana and coconut milk.

4. Colorado's medicinal hemp extracts

People, let me tell you 'bout my best friend - hemp extract! Medicinal hemp extracts help a variety of ailments like anxiety, depression, stress, inflammation and so much more without any psychoactive ingredients. You can take hemp extracts any time of the day to promote relaxation and it works almost instantly.

Choosing a hemp extract can be extremely difficult with legalization across all 50 states.

Navigating these extracts can be challenging. There are a lot of low quality providers out there - selling crude extracts from unregulated markets like China.

When choosing a hemp extract company, it's important to choose one that has the purist and highest quality hemp. One that offers full spectrum products and tests each one for potency, quality and organic ingredients.

I found a local company in Boulder who grows the highest quality organic hemp. They are involved in every process from planting the seeds on their organic local farm to manufacturing in their very own FDA kitchen. They ship to all 50 states so if you have ever considered using hemp extract to relieve your anxiety, I highly suggest checking out this organic company my husband and I found in Boulder. 

I've been using their 'full spectrum' hemp extract tincture for quite some time. It has helped my anxiety immensely and it's the best I've ever tried!

Click here to try their full spectrum extract. Use "wellness15" at checkout to save a few bucks too!


Thanks for reading - wishing you and your loved ones a relaxing fall season filled with love.

Be well and take good care,







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